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Inergene gas is a special type of gas usually used in fire extinguishing systems. Inergene gases are used for the "Inergene Gas Extinguishing System", a type of chemical fire extinguishing system designed for fire extinguishing purposes.


Inergene gases extinguish fires by reducing oxygen in the atmosphere. However, these gases do so without harming human health or damaging equipment.

Fast Extinguishing

Inergen gas systems can quickly contain and extinguish a fire. This rapid response helps to minimize damage to equipment and plant.

Non-Accumulating and Clean

Inert gases do not accumulate after use, leaving a clean environment. This feature makes it easy to get the systems ready for reuse.

Environmentally Friendly

Inergene gases are considered environmentally friendly because they do not damage the ozone layer when released into the atmosphere.

No Damage to Electronic Equipment

These gases do not damage electronic equipment or other sensitive materials during the fire extinguishing process.


Inergen gas systems are usually triggered by a fire detection system. When the system is detected, gases are released and reduce oxygen to contain and extinguish the fire. Inergene gas systems have an advantage over other conventional methods of extinguishing fires because they cause less damage and are specifically designed for use in sensitive areas where electronic equipment is present.

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