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Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas with the chemical formula CO2. Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere and is produced as a by-product in the respiration process of living organisms. It is also used in many industrial, commercial and medical applications.

Physical Properties
  • Carbon dioxide is a colorless gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.

  • It has a boiling point of -78.5 °C and a freezing point of -56.6 °C.

  • Carbon dioxide constitutes only about 0.04% of the gases in the normal atmosphere.


  • Carbon dioxide can be produced in a number of ways. In industrial production in particular, it is often produced using chemical processes and gas recovery systems.

  • Carbon dioxide is also produced from fermentation processes, combustion reactions and natural and man-made processes such as the burning of fossil fuels.


Areas of Use
  • Food Industry: Carbon dioxide is used to provide carbonation in beverages and to extend the shelf life of packaged foods.

  • Metallurgy and Welding: Carbon dioxide is used in metal cutting and welding processes.

  • Medical Applications: Carbon dioxide can be used as a type of endoscopic gas in surgical procedures and endoscopic examinations.

  • Fire Extinguishing: Carbon dioxide is an extinguishing agent used in fire suppression systems.

  • Agriculture: Used as a greenhouse gas, it promotes plant growth and can increase harvest yields.

  • Chemical Industry: Can be used as an inert gas in chemical reactions.

  • Carbon dioxide can cause respiratory problems in excessive concentrations. It is therefore important to ensure adequate ventilation in confined spaces.

  • Since compressed carbon dioxide is stored under extreme pressure, such cylinders must be used safely.

Carbon dioxide is a versatile gas used in many industrial and commercial applications. However, safety precautions must be observed during its use. In addition, increasing levels of carbon dioxide due to the disruption of the natural balance in the atmosphere are raising concerns about global climate change.

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