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Mixed Gases

Mixed gases are gas mixtures that are specially formulated and produced for specific industrial applications. These gases are designed to meet the needs of specific industrial processes, laboratories or other specialized uses.

karışım gazlar
Laser Cutting Gas Mixtures
  • Special gas mixtures used in laser cutting processes are designed to improve cutting quality and optimize material handling processes.

Analytical Laboratory Gases
  • Specialty blend gases for various analytical instruments and laboratory tests.

Electronic Industrial Gases
  • Special gas mixtures optimized for electronic manufacturing processes, especially used in semiconductor production.

Calibration Gas Mixtures
  • Precise gas mixtures used to calibrate measuring instruments.

Medical Gas Mixtures
  • Specially formulated gas mixtures for medical applications, used for respirators and medical equipment.

Packaging Gases
  • Specialty gas mixtures used in modified atmosphere packaging for the food packaging industry.

Chemical Process Gases
  • Gas mixtures specifically designed for use in certain chemical production processes.

These examples illustrate how specialty blend gases are used in a variety of industrial applications. Such gases are often produced in accordance with specific requirements for a particular industry or application and are subject to rigorous standards to support their healthy, safe and efficient use.

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