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High Standards in Gas Supply, Filling and Distribution

From Filling to Technical Support, Comprehensive Gas Supply Service for Every Sector


Gases belonging to each category may have different characteristics and quality standards. For example, medical gases must be produced and stored in a way that does not harm patients' health, so they have specific quality control requirements. Likewise, food gases must be safe for human consumption and therefore meet food safety requirements. Industrial gases must be used safely and efficiently in processes.

Services to Meet Your Needs

Vaşak Gas provides services for the supply, filling and distribution of various gases such as industrial, medical or food gases. These services ensure the safe, efficient and continuous supply of gases and facilitate the supply of gases used in various sectors.

These services are critical to meet the gas needs of industrial businesses, the healthcare sector, the food industry and many other sectors. Gas supply, filling and distribution services are important to ensure the business continuity and safety of customers and are a specialized field.

About Us

Started in 1993, Vaşak Gaz has grown by constantly following technological developments and analyzing the dynamics of the market accurately. Today, it makes significant contributions to the Turkish economy with its corporate structure and export power.

Our company, which undertakes the filling and distribution of gases used in the industrial and health sectors, has an experienced staff specialized in the gas industry and a deep-rooted corporate culture. Vaşak Gaz adopts a sensitive work ethic and high standards with all quality management systems, primarily occupational safety and human health.

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Vaşak Gaz has gained satisfaction and trust with the various services it provides in the sector. Our references are among the leading companies and organizations in the sector.


Vaşak Gaz ensures full compliance with TSE norms in all products it delivers to its customers and effectively uses TS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems that it has established within its organization for the continuity of this.


ASO 2. ve 3. OSB Alcı Mahallesi 2035. Cadde No:7 Sincan, Ankara

+90 (312) 395 2562

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